Nunn Milling Company, the parent company of Midwestern Pet Foods, was founded in 1926 in  Evansville, Indiana USA as a miller of flour and corn meal. In the 1940’s the company began using the basic ingredients from its milling operations to produce small quantities of pelletized dog and cat food. Though it started very small, the pet food business grew quite rapidly, eventually surpassing the flour and corn meal business. As a result, in 1982 Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. was founded.

In the years that followed, the company remained a relatively small manufacturer of pet food, selling its products primarily in three states - Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. In 1985, the decision was made to introduce PRO PAC as the company’s brand of superpremium pet food. This proved to be a pivotal decision. In the years that followed, PRO PAC has come to be known as a no- nonsense superpremium pet food with a reputation for excellent performance, high quality, and unsurpassed palatability. PRO PAC formulas are closely scrutinized with an eye for continuous nutritional improvement.

Twenty years after its introduction, PRO PAC is sold throughout the United States and in more than sixty countries around the world. PRO PAC continues to  grow rapidly year after year. Today, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. owns and operates three state-of-the-art, high capacity dry pet food production and packing facilities, one of which is located at company headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, one in Chickasha, Oklahoma and Wells Pet Food Company, a division of Midwestern Pet Foods, in Monmouth, Illinois USA. Midwestern Pet Foods also operates a comprehensive in-house laboratory and product testing center, to further perfect the quality of PRO PAC Superpremium Pet Foods.

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